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While Cake Art has only been filling orders locally since October of 2011, owner Monique Herrera has been planning the ideal cake shop for San Antonio for over 15 years! In fact, Monique has been baking since childhood and has even brought one of grandma Hope's traditional recipes to Cake Art! After studying culinary arts and restaurant management locally, Monique worked in San Antonio and East Coast bakeries, sampling ingredients, testing recipies and perfecting her craft... always asking the same question with Cake Art in mind:

How can we deliver the best tasting cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies to San Antonio while rivaling the kind of customer experience expected by the select clientele of East Coast specialty bake shops?

The focus of Cake Art is two-fold, first, to seek out the freshest and highest quality products to create the most exquisite pastries and desserts; and second, to offer superior service and sublime menus for the enjoyment of the community. After 15 years, the wait is finally over. The recipes are exquisite and the technique is top notch. Won't you stop by the shop and try something delicious? After all... we made it for you!

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