Best Tasting Vanilla Rolled Fondant Cake Icing in San Antonio

Why is your Cake Art vanilla rolled fondant icing so delicious?

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Your professional Cake Art pastry chef will help you pair the your favorite cake flavors with the ideal cake fillings and cake icings!

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The most beautiful cakes are decorated with vanilla rolled fondant. Mostly confectioner's sugar, your Cake Art fondant is made fresh daily with top-quality vanilla, then hand-rolled until very thin and sculpted into beautiful edible bows, accents, and more. If you want the most beautiful cake possible, then vanilla rolled fondant is your frosting of choice!

We've researched a variety of vanillas and chosen fine Madagascar vanilla to make sure you enjoy the richest, most delicious vanilla in your icing.

Fresh ingredients make for better flavor. At Cake Art, we bake fresh daily!

Making Vanilla Rolled Fondant Icing from Scratch, Daily

Insist on Fresh Icing, Never Frozen!

We'd rather treat you to a full flavor experience than compromise on flavor to save a few pennies on ingredients! Your Cake Art cakes are baked daily and made from scratch. Why shouldn't your icing be made from scratch, too?

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Are you ready to taste the difference? Come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us today at (210) 277-0308.


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