Making Your Icing from Scratch, Daily

Icing that's twice as nice

Will your guests say, "Oh, you got a cake," or "Wow! What a beautiful cake!" To be memorable, you want them to experience a beautiful and surprising cake... followed by an explosion of delicious flavor.

Coconut_Cake.jpgWe'd rather treat you to a full beautiful and delicious experience than compromise on looks and flavor to save a few pennies on ingredients! Your Cake Art cakes are baked daily and made from scratch. Why shouldn't your icing be made from scratch, too?

In the symphony of your cake experience, cake icing is a third of the medley, along with your choice of seventeen different cake flavors and thirty-five different cake fillings. We bake a selection of cakes daily, so please call (210) 277-0308 or come by to check our current selection.

Make Your Cake Beautiful!

Not finding the perfect cake in the case? Consider ordering a custom cake for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience! Your choices don't stop with 19 different icings, fresh fruit, shaved chocolate and mint sprigs! Using rolled fondant, we create beautiful and edible works of art including bows, ribbons, characters, flowers, leaves and much much more. (They don't call us Cake Art for nothing!)

We've crafted cakes that look like stacks of presents, designer handbags... and even pumpkin-shaped cakes for Thanksgiving and Halloween, complete with leaves and vines! Check out our pastry gallery for more.

Please visit the bakery, call us at (210) 277-0308, or click Ask a Chef for more information!


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