Valentine's Menu

Click here to download CakeArt's Valentine's Menu as a pdf. 

 Cupcake Bouquets (8) - $45.00

Cake Pop Bouquet (4) with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (6) - $50.00

French macaroon Bouquet (6) with Chocolate Dipped Stawberries (6)- $48.00

Cookie Bouquet (8) $48.00


$47.00 Sweetheart Box

Everything you need to make the night complete!

- 4 chocolate covered strawberries
- 2 cannolis
- 2 rice krispy treats dipped in chocolate
- 4 french macaroons
- 4 cupcakes

Add chocolate covered pretzel sticks, meringues, pecan balls, and coconut macaroons for an additional $20.00!

 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

6 for $15.00

12 for $30.00

Heart-shaped Valentine décor cookies - $3.00 each

Valentine French Macaroons- vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, cherry, and coconut

˝ dozen - $10.00

1 dozen - $20.00

Heart Shaped Cakes: 6”-$35.00, 8” $45.00

4 FREE Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with

holiday orders over $45

Free Delivery for orders over $65 (Tuesday only, inside loop 1604) 


18402 US Highway 281N Suite 107 San Antonio Texas 78259



Holiday Menu December 2016

b_Cake-Art-Holiday-Menu.jpgClick here to download CakeArt's Holiday Menu as a pdf.

Custom Dessert Sampler Boxes: Each holiday tin is filled with a variety of desserts; you choose the quantity and combination. Sweets include mini cupcakes, fudge, divinity, snowball cookies, peppermint bark, mini cookies, biscotti, macaroons, and French macaroons. Prices range from $30-$75.00.

Gingerbread House: $45.00 Kit, $65.00 Decorated, Custom Design also available

Buche de Noel: Traditional Yule log cake $45.00

Fudge: Simply Chocolate, Almond Joy, and Pecan Buttermilk  $16.00 box

Divinity: $6.00 bag, Snowball Cookies $5.00 bag, Pan de Polvo $5.00 bag, Pralines $2.50

French Macaroons: Holiday Blend, Raspberry, Vanilla, Cranberry, Pistachio, Chocolate, and Cinnamon $10.00 (6), $20.00 (12)




Also available: cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, pies, and cookies!

18402 US Highway 281N Suite 107 San Antonio Texas 78259


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