Baking Fresh Pound Cakes for San Antonio, Daily

pound-cake.jpgDespite the name, your pound cake should be light and full of flavor. Fresh-baked from fresh ingredients, your pound cake is sure to delight! Available in lemon, banana, chocolate, coconut and pumpkin, your pound cake can be topped with fresh fruit, shaved chocolate and more.

Like everything you will find in the bakery case, your pound cake will be baked fresh from customer-tested recipes with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. (Did you know your Cake Art chocolate has a higher cocoa ratio than the chocolate you can buy at your local grocery store?)

While we bake pound cakes daily, everything is baked fresh so we do run out. Please come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, or call us at (210) 277-0308 to make sure we have your favorite pound cake on hand. Thanks for giving us the chance to be your favorite bakery in San Antonio!


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