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06-26-2024 9:00am

Kids Spaceship Cake and Cupcakes...

Let the kids explore the art of cake decorating by signing up for this mini cake and cupcake class. Each child will learn the basics of cake decorating, icing the cake and using various tips to decorate it with! Then each student will decorate a cupcake to enjoy at the end of class!

Layer icing onto the top of a cake

Decorate a cake using various icings and tips

Ice a cupcake and decoarte it with sprinkles.

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06-26-2024 2:00pm

Kids Cookies: Bugs and Insects Copy...

Calling all bug enthusiasts to this sugar cookie class with itty bitty critters! We will provide each child with our sugar cookie recipe and explain the process of making a perfect cookie! Then we will make various bug and insect shapes using vanilla buttercream. From a slithering snake to a sweet little sugar ant all the cookies are sure to delight!

bake a delicious sugar cookie base.

make delicious buttercream icing in various colors.

pipe and spread the icing to form and accent these insects and critters.

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06-29-2024 11:00am

Sweet Sushi...

This creative class will you have you guessing is it sushi…or not???? Each person will receive a pre-iced single layer 8”. Chef Del Angel will them demonstrate a variety of ways to use fondant to create some realistic looking sushi! Sashimi or Nigiri!

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07-13-2024 12:00pm

Designer Dress Cookies...

This 2 hour class will focus on turning sugar cookies into designer dresses. Each person will cut sugar cookies into 4 different dress shapes. Royal icing and fondant will be used to create 2 dimensional dresses. Shading and coloring will also be done using a variety of dyes and powders.

Cut sugar cookies into dress shapes

Use royal icing and fondant to create dress designs and textures

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07-13-2024 4:00pm

Lambeth Cake...

This classic piped design is new again! The intricate piping work uses a variety of buttercream tips to create one cohesive design. Learn about the process of baking a deliciously sweet cake (your cake is already baked, we will just demonstrate our technique). Then Chef Del Angel will demonstrate the correct way to make buttercream to help create a beautiful consistency for piping. Each person can choose the color of their individual 6″ cake.

bake a delicious 2 layer 6″ round cake.

make amazingly delicious buttercream

create a variety of piped buttercream designs with different piping tips

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This classic buttercream design is all the rage right now! Come learn how to pipe an array of different designs.

07-14-2024 11:00am

Beginner Cake Baking...

In the world of cakes it all starts with a perfectly baked moist delicious cake. Once you have mastered the basic vanilla cake you can then adjust the recipe endless possibilities of flavors. In this instructional class Chef Del Angel will teach on how to make a delicious vanilla, sponge, and chocolate cake.

start each recipe with a a well prepared mis en place.

incorporate ingredients and mix them to create a fluffy moist cake

learn how to cool and store cakes for future use

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07-14-2024 3:00pm

Pan Dulces...

This class will dive deep into the desserts of Mexico. Using several different recipes each student will create several pastries including, empanadas, orejas, marinitos, and a mini tres leches cake.

Make a variety of pastries including, empanadas, maranitos, orejas, and tres leches

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07-19-2024 6:00pm

Spring Floral Sugar Cookies...

Come refine your royal iced sugar cookie decorating techniques with this delightful class full of flowers. Chef Del Angel will demonstrate different techniques and designs used in making different types of flowers. This creative 2.5 hour class will use a variety of colors and techniques to create beautiful 3 dimensional flowers.

prepare and chill cookie dough to create the cleanest crispest cookies.

create various flower designs with royal icing.

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07-20-2024 11:00am

Cupcake Bouquets...

Just in time for summer these cute arrangements make a great centerpiece and fun dessert! Each person will receive 7 cupcakes to decorate in different floral designs. Chef Del Angel will demonstrate different ways to make florals using buttercream icing and different piping tips.

Make a base holder for a cupcake bouquet

Create different floral designs with buttercream icing

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07-20-2024 3:00pm

Watercolor on Cake...

In this class each person will receive a single layer 8” cake (in chosen cake flavor) that will be crumbed and ready to cover in fondant. We will then demonstrate our techniques used to cover a cake in white fondant easily. Once the cakes are covered a variety an edible powders will be diluted into differerent watercolors. With several different paintbrushes many types of flowers will be created onto the cakes.

Cover a single layer 8” cake in white fondant

Create different watercolors from edible powders

Create different floral patterns with different types of paintbrushes

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07-21-2024 11:00am

Brownies and succulents...

Together as a class a brownie recipe will be created and each person will create a brownie that can be customized with toppings including chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits, and candies.

Each student will then receive 8 brownies that will be decorated into a succulent garden. A variety of techniques, piping tips, and colored buttercreams will be used to create different types of succulent styles.

Create a delicious brownie recipe

Create different types of succulents with different buttercreams and piping tips

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07-21-2024 2:00pm

Boho Cookie Class...

Boho custom sugar cookies are the latest dessert trend needed for any dessert. They are the perfect treat or favor to give out to guests. These cookies package and travel with ease. Chef Del Angel will explain the science of cookie baking to create the cleanest sharpest cookies. This creative course will teach you how to decorate a variety of cookies including a rainbow, flower, tiered cake, and plaque.

how to prepare and chill cookie dough properly

how to make royal icing at different consistencies

flood cookies with various textures

pipe the delicate details including accenting in gold or silver

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Learn how to create the cutest boho inspired cookies that are all the rage right now!

07-27-2024 10:00am

Alice in Wonderland Cookie Class...

Our wonderland themed cookie class will teach each person a variety of techniques when decorating cookies. Each person will receive 8 cookies including a teapot with flowers, clock, 2 plaques, 2 teacup stacks, and 2 top hats.

Outline and flood sugar cookies

Use a variety of piping tips to create floral designs

Use gold paint and edible markers to accent the decorated cookies

Learn how to pipe script with royal icing

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08-09-2024 6:00pm

Girls Night, Cake Painting, Charcutterie, and Drinks...

Grab your best pal and head over for a fun evening of cake painting, light charcuterie snacks , and byod (drinks). Chef Del Angel will teach you how to use a variety of mediums to paint and design a beautiful design on top of a 8” round cake.  Throughout the evening you will also get to enjoy a variety of charcuterie options. All participants are welcome to bring in their own beverages.

ice a 6″ round cake

cover a cake in fondant icing

use a variety of mediums to paint an image on a cake

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08-10-2024 10:00am

Fiesta cookies...

Viva fiesta all year long! This creative cookie class will use the brightest colors to emphasize the reasons Many love all things fiesta. Each person will receive 7 cookies (piñata, cactus, sombrero, maraca, heart, margarita, and sarape. The cookies will be prebaked and ready to ice however the class will create a sugar cookie recipe together prior to decorating.

Make a cookie dough recipe

Decorate fiesta inspired cookies with royal icing, paint, fondant, and sanding sugars

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08-10-2024 1:00pm

Cake and Cupcake Bento Box...

Join us for this fun class decorating cakes and cupcakes. In this 2 hour class you will learn how to fill and prep cakes and cupcakes for decoration. Chef Del Angel will then teach the newest in piping designs and technique’s. Each person will be able to choose their color palette and sprinkles.

Fill and prep cakes and cupcakes for piping

How to use various tips for piping and decorating.

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08-11-2024 12:00pm

Conchas and Empanadas...

Come learn how to make the ultimate in Mexican sweet breads. In our conchas and empanadas class we will teach you the foundation for these breads, doughs, and the sweetest of fillings. These savory doughs will have just the tiniest bits of sugar added to create the most popular of Mexican sweet treats!

make the savory bread doughs of empanadas.

make sweet fillings for the empanadas

create the sweetest sugary toppings to go on each dessert.

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This class will have you sampling your desserts before you even leave the store! Come learn the art of Conchas and Empanadas!

08-11-2024 3:00pm

Buttercream 101 Class...

Buttercream is quite possibly the most important ingredient for any cake or cupcake maker! Chef Del Angel will teach you the proper technique for creating the smoothest creamiest buttercream. Then she will demonstrate how to fill, crumb, and final ice a 6″ round cake. From there we will practice smooth backgrounds, piping borders, different style writing techniques, and crating simple artwork on cakes. This class is perfect for beginners and a great tune up class for all experts!

fill, crumb and create a smooth background!

learn different types of borders and writing styles

create simple artwork on the sides of cake with buttercream icing

create our fool proof recipe that Cake Art has been using for over 15 years

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Learn the basics of buttercream cakes!

08-16-2024 6:00pm

Fiesta Ruffle Cake...

In this delicious buttercream class each person will receive a double layer 6″ cake to fill, crumb, and ice. Our instructor will demonstrate the way we prepare classic American buttercream and then each person will create a variety of colors. Using piping tips with different colored buttercream icings each person will decorate there cake in a ruffle pattern.

prepare American buttercream

use different colored dyes to create a rainbow palette

use ruffle piping tips to create a ruffle texture

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08-17-2024 11:00am

Chameleon Cake Class...

New to 3dimensional carved cakes??? This is the perfect beginner class for you. Our instructor will demonstrate how to carve a round cake into the frame for the chameleon. Then using filling and icing each person will crumb coat and set up the body. using buttercream icing and fondant for the accents each person will select their own color palette to create the final details of their creature.

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08-17-2024 4:00pm

Donut Cake Class...

Most like donuts but all love cakes that look like donuts! Each person will be able to create 3 mini donuts with their choice of colored toppings. Everyone will learn how to use the cake bread, filling, crumb coat, and final fondant icing to create the illusion of adorable donuts.

shape cake bread into a donut shape

fill and then crumb coat the “donut” using buttercream icing to help shape it

use fondant to cover and decorate the tops of the donut

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08-18-2024 5:00pm

Fondant Veggies...

Creating realistic food out of moldable fondant is possible with the help of this new class. Each person will use fondant, dyes, powders, and an airbrush to create realistic looking veggies.

use fondant, dyes, powders, and an airbrush to create realistic looking vegetables

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