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San Antonio’s Cake Supply and Custom Wedding Cakes!

Welcome to Your Personal Bakery Supply

San Antonio deserves a specialty bakery supply and wedding cake bakery where quality baking supplies, guaranteed fresh ingredients, and uncompromising quality explode with great value and local flavor. Shop the all new cake art for a world class baking experience!

Specializing in your next celebration, Cake Art is conveniently located on the northeast corner of highway 281 and 1604.

Bring your ideas in for a custom wedding cake and groom’s cake consultation.

Work with us to create your unique, delectable cake, always made especially for you!

Please come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us at (210) 277-0308. We’d love to hear from you!

Choosing Your San Antonio Cake Supply and Wedding Cake Bakery

It’s All About You

In your quest for the best tasting, best looking wedding cakes in San Antonio, remember to look for the best service! We’re from here.

After learning from the best as far away as Washington D.C., owner Monique Herrera returned to bring home the kind of top-notch service and quality she found along the way. But don’t take our word for it.

Come in and have a taste. We think you’ll be pleased!

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Learn from San Antonio’s Best!

04-05-2024 6:00pm

3D Sugar Cookies...

Take dessert to new dimensions.

Take your sweets to new levels.

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04-06-2024 10:00am

Kids Spaceship Cake and Cupcakes...

Let the kids explore the art of cake decorating by signing up for this mini cake and cupcake class. Each child will learn the basics of cake decorating, icing the cake and using various tips to decorate it with! Then each student will decorate a cupcake to enjoy at the end of class!

Layer icing onto the top of a cake

Decorate a cake using various icings and tips

Ice a cupcake and decoarte it with sprinkles.

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05-04-2024 10:00am

Alice in Wonderland Cookie Class...

Our wonderland themed cookie class will teach each person a variety of techniques when decorating cookies. Each person will receive 8 cookies including a teapot with flowers, clock, 2 plaques, 2 teacup stacks, and 2 top hats.

Outline and flood sugar cookies

Use a variety of piping tips to create floral designs

Use gold paint and edible markers to accent the decorated cookies

Learn how to pipe script with royal icing

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05-04-2024 2:00pm

Classic Diner Cookies...

These diner inspired cookies are fun to make and even better to eat. Chef Del Angel will demonstrate the basics of sugar cookie dough and smooth royal icing. Each person will receive 1 sundae, 1 car, 1 sign, 1 car, 1 record, and 1 jukebox. Some cookies may be in various stages of production so that they can accurately completed within the time permitted.

Outline and flood sugar cookies with royal icing

Add accents to cookies to create dimensional looking cookies.

Create delicious and fun cookies!

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05-10-2024 6:00pm

Char-cookie-rie Class...

What’s better than a delicious charcuterie spread??? WHEN THEY ARE COOKIES INSTEAD! In this fun and creative class we will teach how to cut and shape cookies into various meats, cheeses and crackers. Chef Del Angel will then explain how to dye the icings to get a true savory color. Once the piping has begun she will also demonstrate how to add texture and depth with various tools, and food coloring powder.

Cut and shapes sugar cookie dough into various designs including meats, cheeses, and crackers.

Dye royal icing into various colors to create the illusion of savory foods.

Add texture and shading to the individual cookies to create a more realistic cookie.

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