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San Antonio deserves a specialty bakery supply and wedding cake bakery where quality baking supplies, guaranteed fresh ingredients, and uncompromising quality explode with great value and local flavor. Shop the all new cake art for a world class baking experience!

Specializing in your next celebration, Cake Art is conveniently located on the northeast corner of highway 281 and 1604.

Bring your ideas in for a custom wedding cake and groom’s cake consultation.

Work with us to create your unique, delectable cake, always made especially for you!

Please come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us at (210) 277-0308. We’d love to hear from you!

Choosing Your San Antonio Cake Supply and Wedding Cake Bakery

It’s All About You

In your quest for the best tasting, best looking wedding cakes in San Antonio, remember to look for the best service! We’re from here.

After learning from the best as far away as Washington D.C., owner Monique Herrera returned to bring home the kind of top-notch service and quality she found along the way. But don’t take our word for it.

Come in and have a taste. We think you’ll be pleased!

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Learn from San Antonio’s Best!

10-07-2023 10:00am

Mommy and Me Cupcake Class...

This class is great for all the littles to get creative in the kitchen! Each duo will receive 8 cupcakes to decorate in a fun and festive Halloween theme. From creepy spiders to funny mummies this class is sure to provide a great experience for all participants!

ice 8 cupcakes with buttercream

make fun Halloween themed decorations to go on the cupcakes

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10-14-2023 10:00am

Beginner Cake Baking...

In the world of cakes it all starts with a perfectly baked moist delicious cake. Once you have mastered the basic vanilla cake you can then adjust the recipe endless possibilities of flavors. In this instructional class Chef Del Angel will teach on how to make a delicious vanilla, sponge, and chocolate cake.

start each recipe with a a well prepared mis en place.

incorporate ingredients and mix them to create a fluffy moist cake

learn how to cool and store cakes for future use

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10-20-2023 4:00pm

Nightmare before Christmas Cookie Class...

In this spooky themed class learn how to take 1 cookies shape and turn it into 8 different characters! This widely loved movie is sure to help your creative imagination turn simple sugar cookies into fantastically scary cookies! Chef Del Angel will give each person the recipe for perfectly sweet sugar cookies and explain the process to create crisp looking cookies. She will also explain how to make perfectly smooth royal icing.  All 8 cookies will already be prepped and ready for decorating magic!

-take 1 basic sugar cookie and turn it into 8 different characters

prepare delicious sugar cookies and smooth royal icing

pipe intricate designs

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10-21-2023 10:00am

3d pumpkin cake...

This 3d pumpkin cake will have your guests wanting more! Learn the art of airbrushing and shading to create a more in depth design. This 3d pumpkin is all cake covered in fondant with fondant accents. Learn how to make impressions in the fondant to to create a true pumpkin design.

carve a round shape of a 3d pumpkin

cover a cake in buttercream and then a layer of fondant

create fondant accents for the pumpkin

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Learn how to make this 3 dimensional pumpkin just in time for Halloween!

10-27-2023 10:00am

3d witch class...

Spooky Enthusiasts of all kinds are invited to attend to creative cake class! This gravity defying cake is sure to catch the attention of all Halloween lovers. Chef Del Angel will demonstrate the proper way to assemble the structure that supports the weight of this witch and each person will create their own structure. Then we will carve the shape of the head and create the witch body and accent pieces.

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She’s spooky but cute spooky!

11-04-2023 10:00am

Conchas and Empanadas Copy (Private Class)...

Come learn how to make the ultimate in Mexican sweet breads. In our conchas and empanadas class we will teach you the foundation for these breads, doughs, and the sweetest of fillings. These savory doughs will have just the tiniest bits of sugar added to create the most popular of Mexican sweet treats!

make the savory bread doughs of empanadas.

make sweet fillings for the empanadas

create the sweetest sugary toppings to go on each dessert.

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This class will have you sampling your desserts before you even leave the store! Come learn the art of Conchas and Empanadas!

11-04-2023 4:00pm

Buttercream Level 2...

This class is for the next level cake decorator. Each student will receive and 4 and 6″ round cake that they will fill, crumb and ice. As the cake chill and get ready for stacking Chef Del Angel will demonstrate the structure required for a cake to support another cake on top. This is the foundation for a perfectly straight and stable cake. Once the cakes are iced and stacked Chef Del Angel will guide each student on the techniques of stenciling and embroidery as well as a refresher on piping and accenting cakes. Each student will receive a copy of a cake recipe and buttercream icing.

fill, crumb and ice a 2 tiered cake

stack a 4 and 6″ round cake

stencil and embroider on a cake

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11-18-2023 10:00am

Thanksgiving Pies and cobblers...

Just in time for the family to gather around the table come learn the art of pie baking. For all pies savory and sweet its important to start with the perfectly prepared crust. In this class each student will prepare 3 crusts 2 of which will be used for pies and 1 for a cobbler. Then 3 different fillings will be made to fill the pies and cobbler including pumpkin, apple and cherry.

-create a flaky crust

prepare 3 different fillings including cherry, apple, and pumpkin

make creative and festive accents to place on top of the pies

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11-18-2023 3:00pm

Fondant for Beginners...

The next level of cake once you have mastered the art of buttercream is to cover it in fondant. Chef Del Angel will teach you the foundation of the perfectly iced cake necessary to achieve a flawless coving of fondant. Once the cake is covered Chef Del Angel will teach how to create fondant decorations and accents including a cartoon like figurine.

flavor and roll out a smooth fondant needing or covering a cake

cover the cake in one piece to create a flawless design

create fondant accents to go on the cake including a cartoon like fondant figurine

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12-16-2023 10:00am

Buche de Noel (Yule Log)...

This classic Christmas cake is a traditional dessert filled with delicious chocolate mousse and a spongy white cake. It makes a great dessert centerpiece! As the cakes are being prepared we will make the fondant accents to top off the cake including mushrooms, and poinsettias. Once the cakes are ready to be assembled we will guide you on unrolling, filling and rolling your sponge cake back up. Then the cake will be iced in a deliciously rich ganache (made in house) and topped with the decorations and powdered sugar.

prepare a delicious sponge cake and chocolate mousse filling

make fondant decorations including poinsettias and mushrooms

how to make a deliciously decadent ganache icing

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The Buche de Noel also known as a Yule log is the perfect representation of the Christmas holiday!

12-16-2023 2:00pm

Rudolph the Reindeer...

What a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas holiday than by creating this cute reindeer tangled in some holiday lights! This gravity defying cake class is open for any level of decorator! Chef Del Angel will teach you correct way to create the structure to hold the weight of the oversized reindeer head. From novice to expert this is a class you don’t want to miss!

create a structure to hold the weight of a gravity defying cake

create shadows to create dimensions in facial features

make 3 dimensional cakes that will amaze all your guests

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This reindeer cutie will make the perfect centerpiece to your holiday table1

12-23-2023 9:00am

Cookies for Santa and his reindeer...

Kids of all ages will enjoy this sweet class as they prepare cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. Each participant will create an assortment of cookies using royal icing, buttercream, sprinkles, and glitter. We will teach you how to decorate a Christmas tree, make a melted snowman, make a snowflake sparkle, decorate a reindeer with Christmas lights, write your wish list with edible markers on a sugar cookie, spice up a gingerbread man, create an intricate nutcracker, and lastly a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

create a delicious cookie dough that will leave each cookie with sharp edges!

learn the proper consistencies of buttercream and royal icing to create beautiful cookies

learn how to use different mediums to create 1 final cookie

practice those piping skills while accenting the final touches of the cookies

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Make the most delicious cookies in time for Santa to snack on!