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More Than Just Great Cakes!

It’s not all just about custom cakes and special order cupcakes, though these do make our customers pretty darn happy. If tasting it will put a smile on your face, we’ve considered baking it at Cake Art.

We bake the following items from scratch daily. Looking for custom cakes, specialty cupcakes or something else you don’t find on the site? Please make yourself at home on the site, or click the chef in the upper left of this page to make a special inquiry.

Cookies – Cookies are a challenge because you have to pack more flavor into every bite for the most delightful pastry experience. We bake ten varieties of cookies from scratch every day, but we do run out so please call us at (210) 277-0308 to reserve your cookies… and/or call or click the chef in the upper left of this page to make special cookie requests.

Brownies – Brownies require the same attention to details as do cakes. Your brownies will be made from scratch from customer-tested recipes with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. (Did you know your Cake Art chocolate has a higher cocoa ratio than the chocolate you can buy at your local grocery store?) We bake classic brownies, caramel chocolate brownies, and iced cake brownies.

Bundt Cakes – Available for pickup in five different cake flavors, Bundt cakes are baked in ring-shaped molds. The centers can be filled with cake, fresh fruit, shaved chocolate and more.

Pound Cake – Despite the name, your pound cake should be light and full of flavor. Fresh-baked daily from fresh ingredients in five different flavors, your pound cake is sure to delight!

Muffins – Less sweet, but every bit as tasty! Come in and enjoy a tasty muffin with a fresh cappuccino!

Pies and Meringues – Like everything else in the bakery, your pie is made from scratch from fresh ingredients. Enjoy a slice or take home a whole pie.

Treat Boxes – Check our selections of baked treats. They’re just the right size for giving… and for bringing home.

Thanks for giving us the chance to be your bakery. Please come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, click the chef in the upper left of this page, or call us at (210) 277-0308. We’d love to hear from you!