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Holiday Looking for the Perfect Holiday Confection?

Pastries make every occasion a little sweeter!

Whether it’s a  delicious out-sized edible Valentine that says, “I’m Yours,”  an Easter scene complete with flowers and bunnies, or a Thanksgiving cake shaped like a pumpkin and decorated with leaves and vines, your holidays may never be the same.

Don’t Settle for a Boring Centerpiece

This year, make every holiday memorable. Instead of hearing, “oh, you got a cake,” get used to hearing, “Wow! What a fantastic cake!” followed closely by, “Oh my God! Your cake is delicious!”

This year bring home something completely different, like a Christmas-tree-shaped tower of individually decorated cupcake ornaments or a cake decorated to look like a stack of beautifully wrapped presents.

We’ll have several holiday cakes already prepared and we’d love to visit with you about creating a custom holiday cake or special order cupcakes . The only limits are your (and our) imaginations!

Click the Special Inquiries tab in the upper left of this page to send us your ideas, visit the bakery or call us at (210) 277-0308 to get started on a holiday that will keep them talking until next year!