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Best Tasting German Chocolate Cakes in San Antonio

Why are your Cake Art german chocolate cakes so delicious?

Named after Sam German, who originally developed a brand of dark baking chocolate for the cake, your Cake Art German chocolate cake filling is hand-made caramel made with fresh egg yolks and evaporated milk. We mix sweet delicious Texas pecans and shredded coconut and pipe in chocolate buttercream icing to hold it all together. Try German Chocolate for a sweet decadent filling for your favorite Cake Art cake!

Your german chocolate cake should be about fresh ingredients from a kitchen, not from a lab! Cake Art will bake your german chocolate cake with care, with the best chocolate, coconut, sugar, flour, eggs, milk and real butter… without anything hard to pronounce like xanthan gum polysaccharide. (Who wants gum in their cake? Blech!)

Fresh ingredients make for better flavor. At Cake Art we bake fresh daily for the best tasting treats in San Antonio!

Baking Your Cakes Fresh – All Day Every Day

Insist on Fresh Cake, Never Frozen!

We bake scrumptious German Chocolate cakes fresh every day. We never freeze because freezing affects both the texture and flavor of your cake. Finally, how you work the fresh ingredients makes a difference. When do you whip? When do you fold? What are the best proportions, temperatures and baking times? Years of research and taking the time to get it right guarantees a moist, delicious German Chocolate cake every time… one that stands up to our yummy cake fillings and cake icings.

Yes, You CAN Have Beautiful AND Delicious!

The Right Chocolate & Coconut

Top quality chocolate and fresh coconut changes everything. Did you know that your Cake Art chocolate has a higher cocoa ratio than the chocolate you can buy at your local grocery store?

We’ve researched a variety of chocolates from different companies to make sure you enjoy the richest, most delicious chocolate and fresh coconut in your german chocolate cake! Happy eating!

When you start with the right cake and add hand-made cake filling and icing, you can enjoy a presentation that is as appetizing to see as it is delicious to eat.

Enjoy the everyday elegance of the cakes we bake daily, or call or e-mail for a custom cake to surprise that special someone… even if that someone is you!

Ready to make San Antonio’s best german chocolate cake your german chocolate cake? Come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us today at (210) 277-0308.