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Best Tasting Chocolate Fudge Cake Filling in San Antonio

Why is your Cake Art chocolate fudge filling so delicious?

Have you tasted the difference that fresh filling makes? Your Cake Art chocolate fudge cake filling starts with top-quality unsalted sweet cream butter for a more delicate handcrafted texture and rich flavor than the vegetable shortening used by more commercial operations. We mix in real cane sugar, fresh whole milk and the best chocolate and heat it to the soft-ball stage. Then we beat the mixture while it cools to deliver a smooth, rich and creamy consistency for those times when you want a sweet chocolate accent between delicious bites of your Cake Art cake!

Top quality chocolate changes everything. Did you know that your Cake Art chocolate has a higher cocoa ratio than the chocolate you can buy at your local grocery store?

Fresh ingredients make for better flavor. At Cake Art we bake fresh daily!

Making Chocolate Fudge Filling Fresh, Daily

Insist on Fresh Filling, Never Frozen!

We’d rather treat you to a full flavor experience than compromise on flavor to save a few pennies on ingredients! Your Cake Art cakes are baked daily. Why shouldn’t your filling be fresh too?

Need Help Choosing Your Cake Filling?

Your professional Cake Art pastry chef will help you pair the your favorite cake flavors with the ideal cake fillings and cake icings!

Come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us today at (210) 277-0308.

Are you ready to taste the difference? Come by Cake Art in San Antonio, Texas, send us a message, or call us today at (210) 277-0308.

Special Inquiries

Special Inquiries